"Thank you so much for the fantastic job on our bathroom. It is very difficult these days to get a contractor to return your calls, but Bathrrom Beauty arrived on schedule, completed the job in the estimated time and honored a quote that was over a year old."
Daniel - Chatham, MA

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How long does it take to resurface a bathtub?
Normally 2-3 hours.

How long before the tub can be used?
Usuall two days, sometimes three in extreme cases.

Are there any bad odors?
An exhaust system is used to remove most odors whether a window is available o not.

When redecorating, should the tub be done first or last?
We recommend doing the tub last so as not to cause damage to your new surface. Accidents do happen.

How long will the finish last?
With normal care and proper cleaning, your new finish will last for many years.

Are there any special cleansers needed?
We ask you not to use harsh abrasive cleaners such as Ajax or Comet. Once your tub has been resurfaced, it is non-porous and will clean easily with any liquid or foam cleaner.




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